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We do know the kind of perfumes we are looking for and what suits us best. However, what we often don’t know is how to pick the right perfume that is feasible for us in all ways. Perfumes have much more to themselves than a unique blend that gives out a fresh and soothing aroma. Let’s find out what these unique perfume traits are through these amazing traits.


You can’t smell your own perfume after a few minutes

A few minutes after spraying a perfume on yourself, you will no longer sense the smell as the nose gets accustomed and saturated with the same smell. This condition is known as Nose Fatigue.

The same scent may smell different on two different individuals

Fragrances smell slightly different on different individuals due to the variation in pH levels, diet, or hormones. It is also true that the scent of a perfume is a little different on a blotter than on the skin. This is again due to chemical reactions between ingredients.

Storing the perfume right can extend the shelf life of your fragrance / perfumes have an expiry date

The longevity of a perfume depends on how it has been stored. Perfumes are sensitive to direct sunlight, humidity, and heat that may be compromised over the years. Store your perfume in a cool, dark place like in a bedroom or closet.

Fragrances help you alter your mood

The sense of smell is the most sensitive one and evokes almost about 75% of all emotions. It is through this mechanism that we associate certain memories with a particular smell. Several researches are also proof that a pleasant smell can elevate one’s mood almost by 40%.


Spraying perfume on the pulse points helps it last longer

The pulse points of the body are where the veins flow closer to the skin. These spots emit heat which helps the fragrance develop faster. Usually these spots are your wrists, neck and elbow.

The fragrance of a perfume cannot be determined immediately after spraying

The smell of a perfume actually depends on its notes. Upon spraying a perfume, the smell that we immediately get is of the top note and it lasts for 5-10 minute. This is succeeded by the middle or heart note which lingers for a few more hours. With the fading heart note, what remains are the rich bottom notes of the perfume which stay for longer hours, mostly throughout the day.