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Are you tired of the musty smell inside your closet? So are we. This bad odor especially heightens during monsoons and robs our clothes of their freshness. Moisture developing inside our closets due to various reasons causes this unwanted smell that makes our clothes almost unwearable. But worry not. Here are a few tricks and tips, following which one can get rid of this musty smell and keep their clothes fresh and fragrant.

1. Add a few drops of essential oil to the water while washing your clothes or make a solution of water and essential oil and lightly spray it on your clothes and in your closet to add a pleasing fragrance to your clothes.

2. Baking Soda and ground coffee is said to absorb the moisture in the air that causes the musty smell in closets. You may put some baking soda or ground coffee in an open container or poke some holes in the mouth of the container and place it in your closet to keep away any unwanted smell.

3. Naphthalene balls, pieces of fragrant wood like sandal and cedar or simply perfumed tissue papers kept between clothes also make both your closet and clothes smell fresh and keep away any bad odor. 

4. You can also take some uncooked rice, spray some perfume on it and tie it to a piece of muslin cloth. You can then place this piece of cloth in a corner of your closet. This will add a beautiful fragrance to your clothes. 

5. The best and our favorite way to keep the closet fresh and fragrant is to simply place a Fernweh fragrance bar inside. The bittersweet smell of the fragrance bar counters any musty smell that might develop inside the closet and also divinely scents up the clothes.